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British Touring Car fans believe the best era of the sport was the Super Touring phase of the 1990s. Similarly, there is a group of kart racers and enthusiasts who believe the 1990s was the best era for karting, thanks to the F100 discipline that produced incredible racers such as Jenson Button, Lewis Hamilton, Paul di Resta and many of ... Read More »

Round The Bend – No more heroes

Has our changed relationship with karting killed off the titans of the sport? In September 1977 David Bowie released one of the most inspiring and romantic songs ever recorded, Heroes. Paradoxically, punk intellectuals The Stranglers had a hit with No More Heroes in the same month. A year later, I was given my first copy of Karting magazine and from ... Read More »

The very first edition of Karting Magazine

It was the best idea I never had. Reprinting the very first edition of Karting magazine was undoubtedly a masterstroke and I only wish that I’d thought of it first. Alas, the credit belongs to my old sparring partner Wyatt Stanley. I’m not sure how much it cost Mark Burgess to implement this one, but Wyatt’s ideas never come cheap. ... Read More »

OFF TRACK – “Sour Milk, You can’t make it turn sweet again!”

“Sour Milk, You can’t make it turn sweet again!” (Diane Wakoski – American poet) They were, without doubt, the cream of British karting. Some of them, such as Stephen South, Johnny Herbert, Allan McNish and Ralph Firman chose to broaden their horizons and eventually became F1 stars. Others, most notably Bruno Ferrari, Mickey Allen, Terry Fullerton and Mark Litchfield opted ... Read More »

The Champions!

EMERSON FITTIPALDI (1972 & 1974) Named after the famous American author Ralph Waldo Emmerson, he began competing on motorcycles at the age of 14 before switching to karts. Helped by his older brother Christian, Emerson manufactured and marketed the Mini-kart, on which he became Brazilian champion. He came to Britain in 1969 and made an immediate impression in Formula Ford ... Read More »

Ancient & Modern – Old karts get a second chance

Before we continue with our 100cc engine restoration, I would like to introduce a new feature to the readers of this column. Ancient & Modern will now contain race and event reports for the historic, vintage and classic karting clubs. Obviously, 2006 is going to be a busy year with events, races and demonstrations planned up and down the country ... Read More »