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Tech Tuesday: Welding Part

Karts are made of steel tubes with different compositions of Carbon, Nickel, Chrome and Vanadium. Such tubes have particular characteristics that determine the functioning of the chassis. Elasticity of the material, diameter of the tubes and thickness of tube walls determine the capacity of the chassis to bend, absorb bumps in the track and generate vertical forces on tyres as ... Read More »

Tech Tuesday: Pistons

Pistons are elements that lay an important role in engine performance and reliability. They in fact act as valves on the gas produced by mixture burning in the combustion chamber. These gases at high temperature and pressure have a very high quantity of energy that can be transformed to mechanical energy through the con-rod and crank-shaft system. This system is ... Read More »

Tech Tuesday: Rotax Max EVO – 10 Things You Need To Know

1. Why has the EVO been introduced?  The MAX range of ROTAX engines has remained largely unchanged for the past fifteen years. This is the first time in the history of karting that a single engine model or type has continued to be successful and grow on the market to become the World leader. After this period of time the technology ... Read More »

Tech Tuesday: The Crankcase

Combustion in the combustion chamber acts on the piston with a pressure (force when multiplied by the piston head area) which generates a linear movement of the piston. This movement is then transformed into a rotating one since the piston is mounted on a reciprocating mechanism consisting of the crankshaft and conrod. The crankshaft rotates with the support of spherical ... Read More »

IAME: The Kart Engine Makers

  Iam sure that everyone who has raced seriously in karting will have heard of IAME. If you have raced 100cc machinery then you will have either used one of their products or been beaten by one of their products at some time in your career. The IAME story starts a long time ago when only a handful of those ... Read More »

Tech Talk: Engine Tuning Part 5

One of the main aspects of two-stroke engine performance is scavenging. The way fresh mixture enters the combustion chamber and burned gases exit through the exhaust ports determines the quantity of mixture burned in each cycle of the engine (each rev for two-stroke engines) and the way it is burned. Quantity of ports A modern two-stroke competition engine for 100cc ... Read More »

Tech Talk: Engine Tuning Part 4

Reed valves are surely an important element of the engine and must be regulated and chosen to obtain a good tuning of reed valve engine. Performance but also reliability are determined by the use of a reed valve or another. Materials, thicknesses and shapes Reed valves seem to be a simple element, but are not. In fact they differ in ... Read More »