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24hr Fitness: Assessment & Stretching

We’ve enlisted the help of top Personal Trainer, Paul Suggitt to help us better prepare for a race. Paul is qualified thorough the worldwide recognised training provider Premier International.  Premier international is renowned as one of top personal training qualification out there and Paul has been teaching since Jan 2006. Paul runs his own personal training business called PSPT situated in ... Read More »

24hr Fitness – Lloyd de Boltz-Miller

Spinning is an ideal way to improve the cardiovascular stamina required for endurance racing.  Interval training on the spinner is also a great way to stay alert and focussed. Continious spinning produces fantastic leg stamina, fat loss and a lower resting heart rate (impotant for health but also helps the body stay calm and relaxed when racing for prolonged periods ... Read More »

Preparing for karting – Fitness & Equipment

Fitness Karting is a physically demanding sport. The first thing to suffer when a driver isn’t
fit enough to race is their concentration, the focus required to hit apexes, overtake drivers and win races. Often there is an extended break over the winter period between races and if the driver doesn’t take part in any testing as well, their first day ... Read More »