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Will Stevens Interview with Karting Magazine

Imagine, you’re a talented young kart racer at a European race meeting and you’ve just won the Final. You’re standing in the paddock, chatting with friends when a message is passed to you that a rival team’s boss would like a word. This is no ordinary team owner. This is Ronni Sala of Birel and, before long, you’re on a ... Read More »

Martin Pierce

How far would you be willing to travel to pursue your kart racing hobby? Your local track obviously, and probably some circuits elsewhere in the vicinity. Maybe you regularly travel over 100 miles to race, perhaps even going into Europe from time to time. But what about real globe-trotting inter-continental kart racing? That’s probably something else altogether. Martin Pierce is ... Read More »

Tyler Chesterton: an interview

“When it rains on your parade look up rather than down. Without the rain there would be no rainbow.” (G K Chesterton 1874-1936) The newspaper headline caught my eye. “CHESTERTON FOR SAINTHOOD!” it loudly proclaimed”. I thought it may have been a sarcastic comment from one of Tyler Chesterton’s disgruntled karting rivals. Upon reading further, however, I realised that this ... Read More »

Lando Norris: Climbing to the top step

  It’s always exciting when a bright new British talent emerges on to the international karting stage. Here at Karting we have been proud to report some excellent performances by home-grown talent in the last 12 months. Jordon Lennox-Lamb won the CIK KZ2 World Cup and Lee Harpham became the CIK European Champion in Division One Superkarts. In Rotax, Sean ... Read More »

ADD Motorsports : Hamilton rival aids young drivers

If you are like the thousands of Formula One fans to have looked up footage of Lewis Hamilton racing in his younger years, chances are you will have come across the name Fraser Sheader. In 1998, when Hamilton was just 13, karting stars Hamilton and Sheader went head-to-head over a season in the hugely popular Champions of the Future series, ... Read More »

Jack Partridge: Champion Going Places

Written By Mike Hayden “From the age of four years when I used to get pushed around by the marshals, at my Dads and Grandad’s local Indoor Kart Circuit (Anglia Indoor Karting), I have always found a love for motorsport.” Jack Partridge dug deep in 2012, and undoubtedly found a new love for the sport, when he was crowned as ... Read More »

Lucas Orrock: Make it Three

Written By Mike Hayden Standfirst: Sebastian Vettel made the headlines for three consecutive F1 championships. In Super One the Formula Rotax 177 class had a similar champion to promote. To my knowledge Lucas Orrock kept the single digit thrusting skyward to himself, but he delivered in spades during 2012. He has an unspoken motto: “To make sure I win the ... Read More »