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Round The Bend – No more heroes

Has our changed relationship with karting killed off the titans of the sport? In September 1977 David Bowie released one of the most inspiring and romantic songs ever recorded, Heroes. Paradoxically, punk intellectuals The Stranglers had a hit with No More Heroes in the same month. A year later, I was given my first copy of Karting magazine and from ... Read More »

Insider Information: KZ2

Over the last few issues of Karting Magazine we have started covering the various gearbox classes available for drivers to compete in either club or national championships, i was asked recently by a driver if i was going to cover the 125 classes as he did not understand the structure at all and i must admit it is a little ... Read More »

IAME: The Kart Engine Makers

  Iam sure that everyone who has raced seriously in karting will have heard of IAME. If you have raced 100cc machinery then you will have either used one of their products or been beaten by one of their products at some time in your career. The IAME story starts a long time ago when only a handful of those ... Read More »

TKM ‘O’ plates return to Kimbolton Festival

The ABkC O plates for the Formula TKM classes are returning to the Maxxis TKM Festival at Kimbolton in August heralding what is expected to be a surge in interest for the plates. “It’s a great move” says TKM boss Alan Turney. “The Festival is recognised as the top event in TKM karting and so having this plate for the ... Read More »

TKM Insight – 2015 TKM Regulations

2015 TKM Regulations have been largely set in stone. The good news is that the changes for 2015 are aimed at making life easier for everyone Whether driver, engine builder, or scrutineer the new rules should not cause concern for anyone. Arguably the most significant change centres on something that will affect many but hopefully in a positive way. It ... Read More »

Focus On : TYRO

The ‘TYRO’ class is designed to give youngsters a crucial step into racing without breaking the (your) bank. There’s a relatively new class called TYRO, a low budget class designed to get more kids into karting. The series launched in March 2013 and provides those initial and important ‘first steps’ and helps to encourage the family atmosphere that karting can ... Read More »

Tracking The Future Of The Sport

Exclusive interview: CIK-FIA president Sheikh Abdulla bin Isa Al Khalifa What’s the man in charge of the CIK doing to ensure karting’s future is better than ever? The international karting world is in rather a stagnant position this season. Over the past few years, costs have risen to the extent that a season in junior single-seater racing can be financially ... Read More »