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Round The Bend – A Finger of Fun

F1 drivers do it, footballers do it, even Frankie Dettori does it – so why don’t karters celebrate in style? Where do you stand on the finger? No, I don’t mean what Americans like to call ‘the bird,’ but Sebastian Vettel’s pointy celebration, usually aired immediately after setting pole position or winning a race. It became particularly obvious to me ... Read More »

Formula TKM News

Well it is that time of year again when those involved in the management, organisation and control of kart racing have to pore over the regs to finalise details for the coming season. Last year there were significant changes within the TKM 2-stroke classes to move away from TKM homologated karts to any kart meeting the required specification. There were ... Read More »


Former MSA British IAME Cadet champion Oliver York is considering a switch to compete in next season’s X30 Tour. The 2013 title winner, who struggled throughout his season in MiniMax this year after numerous mid-season team switches, has eyed up either the X30 Tour with the Zip Kart squad or a graduation to Junior Rotax with AIM Motorsport. Despite his ... Read More »

BKIA – Industry body assisting karters

Although the British Kart Industry Association (http://www.bkia.co.uk) is often seen as a trade bloc for the UK’s karting-related companies, as the “Industry” association the organisation is there to benefit everyone in karting. As their website says “the BKIA is a non-regulatory, not for profit, trade association representing the views and interests of its members – the British kart trade. It ... Read More »

Formula TKM News

This month it is time to go back to some basics to clear up some ill-founded paddock gossip regarding carburettor settings for the TKM BT82 used in our 2-stroke classes. For the simple fact is that by not paying attention to the simple guidance Tal-Ko give on carb set up, quite a few drivers are losing out big time on ... Read More »

Round The Bend – All talk and no trousers

All talk and no trousers Sponsors want communication skills to match driving ability but if you can’t talk the talk, go ape So, the last episode of Life on Mars
has aired and that’s it, put away the Quattro. For many of us the series offered a view down the other end of a telescope, back to our freer, younger and ... Read More »

Young’Uns – A look at the Honda Cadet class

Ask any of today’s top motor racing drivers to recount their first karting experiences and there’s a strong probability that the Honda GX motor will have been involved. Low initial cost, renowned durability and ease of operation make this ubiquitous engine a firm favourite amongst rental kart operators throughout the world. With the MSA’s “Let’s Go Karting” scheme becoming increasingly ... Read More »