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DOUBLE MACX – Dave Bewley talks to Max Goff & Mackenzie Taylor

They come from different backgrounds, one with very firm Scottish roots and the other steeped in Northamptonshire tradition. They have different ambitions and each has his own distinctive driving style. They are teammates who have also been fierce rivals in at least one championship this season. As drivers they have at least one thing in common. Both have given maximum ... Read More »

Whatever happened to the World Cup

I’m not talking about Sven’s tinkerings with the England formation and let’s not even mention Scotland against Belarus (we wuz robbed!) but probably the best ever series of events to grace short circuit karting. The event started off in 1968 at Heysham Head circuit near Morecambe. This was what was known as a ‘challenging’ circuit, unkindly described as a couple ... Read More »

No kart show in 2006?

After 17 years, Kart Promotions have announced that they will not be staging the International Kart Show in 2006 When the show was first held back in February 1988, many of today’s generation of karters weren’t even born but, over many years and at six different venues, the show has continued to cater for the whole spectrum of karting whether ... Read More »