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Focus On : TYRO

The ‘TYRO’ class is designed to give youngsters a crucial step into racing without breaking the (your) bank. There’s a relatively new class called TYRO, a low budget class designed to get more kids into karting. The series launched in March 2013 and provides those initial and important ‘first steps’ and helps to encourage the family atmosphere that karting can ... Read More »

A Beginner’s Diary: Part 4 – Into the Fray

Leaving the pits for my first race heat seemed a pretty comfortable experience. After the practice of the previous day, there was a familiar routine to getting the kart round on cold tyres while keeping up the pace with the drivers ahead. The “Esses” at Forest Edge in Hampshire were no longer the obstacles of dread. So as the karts ... Read More »

Watching The Pennies

“Nothing became him in this life so much as the leaving of it!” I can’t remember who first uttered these words, or at whom they were actually aimed, but they could easily apply to the WTP class which, by all accounts, is currently in its death throes. Attending this year’s Little Green Man rounds, you’d never guess that the patient ... Read More »

Off Track

Call out the Instigators, Because there’s something in the air, We’ve got to get together sooner or later, Because the Revolution’s here. Thunderclap Newman (“Something in the Air” 1969) By Dave Bewley Down at Motorsports House radical changes are afoot and many knickers have been getting in a twist. Team bosses mutter about moving their operations abroad, while some of ... Read More »


Last month I had a flutter on the Grand National. It wasn’t much to write home about, just a couple of quid in the annual sweepstake at work. If the local bookmaker was relying on my custom, he’d have gone bankrupt a long time ago.  Unfortunately, I drew a rank outsider and lost my £2 but, in karting today, you ... Read More »