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Round The Bend – No more heroes

Has our changed relationship with karting killed off the titans of the sport? In September 1977 David Bowie released one of the most inspiring and romantic songs ever recorded, Heroes. Paradoxically, punk intellectuals The Stranglers had a hit with No More Heroes in the same month. A year later, I was given my first copy of Karting magazine and from ... Read More »

Round The Bend – A Finger of Fun

F1 drivers do it, footballers do it, even Frankie Dettori does it – so why don’t karters celebrate in style? Where do you stand on the finger? No, I don’t mean what Americans like to call ‘the bird,’ but Sebastian Vettel’s pointy celebration, usually aired immediately after setting pole position or winning a race. It became particularly obvious to me ... Read More »

Round The Bend – All talk and no trousers

All talk and no trousers Sponsors want communication skills to match driving ability but if you can’t talk the talk, go ape So, the last episode of Life on Mars
has aired and that’s it, put away the Quattro. For many of us the series offered a view down the other end of a telescope, back to our freer, younger and ... Read More »

The Devil is in the detail and that’s no Bull

Who could have thought that a trip to Milton Keynes would be so inspiring – Red Bull really does give you wings A few days before the Australian Grand Prix, I was fortunate enough to be given a behind-the-scenes tour of the Red Bull Racing factory at Milton Keynes. The staff must have thought their colleague was showing someone with, ... Read More »

Round The Bend – TV or no TV?

TV or not TV, that is the question At long last, Super 1 will hit our televisions but can it compete with Mrs. Jones’ Beef Wellington? My wife has just finished filming Come Dine with Me. In case you’re not already familiar with it, the show brings together four complete strangers who then compete to win £1,000 by wowing one ... Read More »

Round The Bend – Me ears are alight

Me ears are alight* Is the answer to the question ‘Should kart racers choose one class over another if they want GP teams to notice them’ to be found in old commercials on YouTube? In the 1980’s a company flogging frozen, oven-ready chips had the nation’s children – and their parents – asking one of the key questions of the ... Read More »

Round The Bend

We need a refuge from battered women. What are parents thinking when they get plastered in the paddock? As if silent marimba rhythms inspired the sway, she tottered through the crowded paddock. The warm rose wine in the plastic ‘glass’, as pink as the blush on her cheeks and in her eyes. Eventually, having reached her destination, she threaded her ... Read More »