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Your Essential Karting Checklist

GETTING STARTED? Here’s your list of essentials plus the extra bits you’ll need… Similar to most sports, karting has a list of regulations that the driver’s race wear must conform to, plus a large number of styles and trends set by the world’s leading kart racing icons. Before buying any item of racewear it is important it confirms to the appropriate ... Read More »

Focus On : TYRO

The ‘TYRO’ class is designed to give youngsters a crucial step into racing without breaking the (your) bank. There’s a relatively new class called TYRO, a low budget class designed to get more kids into karting. The series launched in March 2013 and provides those initial and important ‘first steps’ and helps to encourage the family atmosphere that karting can ... Read More »

BKIA – Industry body assisting karters

Although the British Kart Industry Association (http://www.bkia.co.uk) is often seen as a trade bloc for the UK’s karting-related companies, as the “Industry” association the organisation is there to benefit everyone in karting. As their website says “the BKIA is a non-regulatory, not for profit, trade association representing the views and interests of its members – the British kart trade. It ... Read More »

A Beginner’s Diary: Part 4 – Into the Fray

Leaving the pits for my first race heat seemed a pretty comfortable experience. After the practice of the previous day, there was a familiar routine to getting the kart round on cold tyres while keeping up the pace with the drivers ahead. The “Esses” at Forest Edge in Hampshire were no longer the obstacles of dread. So as the karts ... Read More »

Beginner’s Diary: Crash and Burn

Up until this point, it had all been going swimmingly well. The previous practice session saw my best performance to date in the kart at Forest Edge in Hampshire. The fast run-up to the bus stop chicane was particularly memorable for a rather audacious overtaking move – which actually worked. I knew my victim was vulnerable when he kept looking ... Read More »

Cadet Column – Little Green Man Championship

“It’s just a piddling Little Green Man Championship, after all.” That was how one parent described last year’s LGM Series. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but I suspect that most of the drivers taking part would have heartily disagreed. No less than 58 IAME cadets participated in last year’s Series and there’s been an increase of 14 this time ... Read More »

The Age of Assent

You’ve got to love Sebastian Vettel. As he crossed the line to win the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix – and consequently become the youngest F1 World Champion in history – he cried like a girl. Inside his Arai helmet, the young German dissolved into a weepy mess of snot, tears and sheer joy. Unbelievable. I love you guys, he told ... Read More »