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Jonny Edgar to race in US and UK

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Edgar FREEFlorida Winter Tour champion Jonny Edgar plans to accept an invitation to race in more events in the United States, as well as racing in domestic competition this season.

The 11-year-old scored the Mini-Rok title at the final round of the series in Ocala earlier last month ahead of Nicholas d’Orlando who had led the points heading into the weekend. Edgar was run by the Benik squad, owned by ex-Pats Ben Cruttenden and Nick Mitchell, throughout the Winter Tour as well as at last year’s SuperNationals event in Las Vegas.

“The final weekend was huge as it was a triple header, so 300 points were up for grabs,” Edgar’s dad, Justin said. “We went to Vegas last year but it was a big shock. We thought it would be easier and we had to work hard to eventually get the fifth place finish. But the relationship with the team began there and has continued.”

Edgar’s Winter Tour win has handed him a prize ticket to the ROK World Finals at Garda in Italy in October. That will give the youngster his first experience of European racing.

“We’ve no plans for the end of the year just yet,” Edgar Sr added. “Benik have invited Jonny to go back out there again but his main focus is on Super One and Little Green Man Cadet. He will continue with that next year too, but European racing is also possible. The MG tyres at the Florida Winter Tour were very sticky and the kart was bigger than a Cadet machine with quicker engines. It was in between a Cadet and MiniMax kart. The MiniKart category in Europe is something I’d be keen to consider, possibly instead of MiniMax.”

Off Track – Mike Wilson

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Rowrah Rotax April 2010
Mike Wilson (right) visited Rowrah for the Super One 34 years since he last raced there

Thirty-four years after last racing at Rowrah, the six-time world champion Mike Wilson made a return visit for the Super One Rotax round in April. He was joined on Sunday by his mum Eilleen and sister Adele. They noticed that quite a few changes to the circuit had been made since their previous visit. “Believe it or not, the last time we were here there was a man standing trackside timing his son with a huge kitchen clock,” recalled Eilleen with a laugh. “Now the times for every single driver are coming up on television screens.”

Mike also commented on a few alterations. “The track was a good bit smaller back
in 1976, about half its present length,” he remembered. “Rowrah always had lots of character and I’m pleased to see that none

of it has been lost in the alterations. I really think it’s an awesome circuit, certainly one of the best I’ve been to.”

It was especially pleasing to see Mike looking so fit and well after surviving a severe heart attack last September whilst
out in Quebec. But for some excellent medical attention promptly delivered the consequences would have been fatal. He was over in Canada to assist 11 year-old Minimax Lance Stroll whose father Lawrence currently owns the Tommy Hilfiger company amongst various other business interests. Mike was recommended to Lawrence Stroll by none other than Michael Schumacher who he’d known since the German legend’s karting days as a junior competitor. Under

Mike’s expert guidance, Lance has become a leading contender in both Canada and the USA. He won the Florida Winter Tour in two different categories, Minimax and Mini Rok.

In order to broaden Lance’s experience,
a decision was made to contest the Super One Rotax Championships, hence their
visit to Rowrah. The intention is for him to move into European KF3 next year. “This
is a whole new experience for him and he’s finding the competition much harder than back at home,” acknowledged Mike. “Over in Canada, aggressive driving is discouraged with time penalties, whereas in England it’s an accepted part of racing. Lance is having to make quite a lot of adjustments to his driving style, but I’m quite happy with our progress so far and believe that he’ll develop into an excellent driver, especially with a season’s racing in S1 behind him. ”

Mike has had lots of experience looking after other drivers and was responsible for Fernando Alonso’s rapid development in karting. “I’ve probably had more personal satisfaction in this particular field than I got through racing myself and winning six world titles,” he insisted. “I’d also say that it’s much harder standing on the sidelines because you’re not actually in control of the situation. It’s relatively easy for teams to coach drivers how to go quickly, but teaching them actual race-craft is a different proposition.”

“In many respects karting was more difficult when I first started out. The tyres provided much less grip and balancing your kar t as you drifted round bends was quite an art form. Sticky tyres changed all of that and it became simply a case of braking sharply, pointing your kart and then squirting through the corner. I’m quite pleased that we’ve moved away from the ultra-sticky compounds and are reverting back to normality”

There was a huge grin on Mike’s face when he examined the photograph of Britain’s 1973 junior team published in last month’s issue of Karting magazine. He was able to identify every driver, adding little anecdotes about each one. “We had some great races 2in those days,” he recalled. “The top category was Class 100 International with Mickey Allen and Terry Fullerton winning most of the big meetings. You’d have A and B or sometimes even C Finals

in this class and it’s sad to see entries in the modern equivalent, SKF, struggling to reach double figures.

I’ve become a big fan of Rotax which really has been a shot in the arm for karting. It’s great to see so many turning out at a meeting like this and I’d agree that Britain must now lead the world in Rotax racing.”

Wyatt Stanley, George Robinson, Gary Prior, Eilleen Wilson, Adele Levitt, Jim Coulthard, Richard Brett, Gerry Philpotts, Jenny Philpotts and Arend Jan Kleijn from Holland successfully identified Terry Fullerton as the driver photographed in last month’s issue.

Fullerton was succeeded as world champion by a 20-year-old Italian who
had finished 9th in 1973. This individual would make his F1 debut within less than three years of his world championship
win at Estoril. He had spells with Shadow, Arrows, Brabham, Alfa Romeo, Williams and Benetton, competing in 256 GPs before retiring in 1993. If you can name the driver, send me an e-mail to dave.bewley@talktalk. net or telephone 01946 861355.

Colin Wright – A year progress or setbacks?

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A year progress or setbacks? Well, with the AGM of the ABkC coming upon us it’s a time to reflect upon 2014 and look into what will happen in 2015.

Colin Wright

Has 2014 been successful? In some ways Yes, in some No. License holders will again show a decline, Easykart has chosen to go away from MSA regulations, we have 2 World Champions, IKR is growing, some clubs are booming some are struggling…I had hoped that more progress would have been achieved, we have made some but frankly not enough and not quickly enough!

So depending upon whether the glass is half full/empty will depend on your interpretation of how well the sport is doing. Personally, and this is not the ABkC speaking I feel we have not done enough to support smaller clubs, they are the bedrock of our sport.

So what can we see in 2015?

We will see Bambinos enter MSA regulations for the first time so an upturn in license holders from that format, we will obviously see the Lewis Hamilton effect with newcomers dreaming of replicating the ex karters global success, we have LGM, Super One and also FKS is back. I’d love a crystal ball to see how all this will play out in 2015 but for now will have to settle to looking closer to home and hope that we present a better “shop window”, a joint effort to get things actioned quickly, to remove some of the unequal factors that dog our discipline and not the remainder of Motorsport. But most of all I’d love to see people relax a little and enjoy the sport for what it is and that is a fantastic discipline in its own right and not always a short term stepping stone to cars, we have every right to be judged shoulder to shoulder with car disciplines and not looked down upon!

The clubman strategy is gathering pace but the sheer inequality of karting regs versus some other disciplines needs to be torn down to see license holders grow, let’s hope 2015 can bring the removal of the medical, I would not need a medical to go Rallying, I don’t need one to drive at 70mph against ongoing traffic yet this archaic rule still exists, I plead with the MSA to finally remove this barrier and lets look to see resurgent senior grids in 2015!

So what of the clubs running IKR and MSA? Let’s support them, lets ensure their success, their survival, their growth, we cannot afford to only see the top six clubs do well, we need every club to succeed, remember that very first time you came off track in a “true” kart, that feeling, the adrenalin, the buzz? Well, go and tell more people, we all have a part to play in the success or failure of this sport.

I speak with many potential newcomers throughout the week from all walks of life and locations, and we need to be cognisant that most really have no idea how to get started, let’s be positive with these potential new customers and show them the positive side of karting and not dwell on what’s wrong, we know what’s wrong but we are still in a much better position than many countries, as a nation we sometimes only consider the negative points.

We all have an interest yet we should all be accountable for the success of our sport and how its presented, our shop window is not appealing besides the phenomenally unique, powerful and creative PR that FKS delivers, I rarely see this level of positive press within my industry let alone our little backwater!

The face of karting in the UK is poised to change dramatically over the next few years, your input is invaluable to those decisions, make sure your club attends the ABkC AGM on 9th December.

As always feel free to contact me at chairman@abkc.org or +44 (0) 7841 034192


SuperOne bosses say ‘no’ to new fairings

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Next year’s Super One series will not use the newly introduced front bumper fairing mechanism which has been trialled during this year’s CIK-FIA Academy Trophy. The bumpers, which are scheduled to be introduced into international competition on January 1 next year, were tested at the final two rounds of the Academy Trophy. If severe contact is made with a driver in front, the mounting drops from its initial position, harming performance.

The driver must then pit to have it repositioned. CIK chiefs discovered its first example of cheating at the recent final round at Sarno where the fairing had been glued to prevent movement. “I would prefer to see how the fairing goes on in international competition first, I don’t want Super One to be a guinea pig,” Super One boss John Hoyle said. “I don’t want the fairing to be damaging someone’s championship chances when the mechanism is at such an early development stage in competition.”

Fusion To Enter FKS

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British Cadet champion squad Fusion Motorsport will compete field a team in next season’s revived Formula Kart Stars championship.  The Cambridgeshire-based outfit, which claimed this year’s MSA IAME Cadet title with Teddy Wilson, will race in the series’ Super Cadet category for ten- to 12-year-olds.

The team has already signed  Maxwell Dodds, 8, who raced with the team this season, and Honda Cadet frontrunner Harry Thompson. Fusion team principal Dan Hazlewood hopes to add two further drivers to his line-up.

“The format and structure make FKS an exciting championship to be involved in,” Hazlewood said. “I think many people are going to sit on the fence, but hopefully our involvement will encourage other teams and individuals to commit. I am sure there will be a competitive field, especially as there are some great prizes on offer.”

IAME X30 To Enter Super One

Super One will add an IAME X30-powered category next season after national championship chiefs admitted they were impressed by its maiden outing in British racing in 2014.

The X30 Tour has raced as a non-championship support class to the Little Green Man series this season and will continue in 2015. But Super One head John Hoyle said the engine’s popularity this year convinced him to place a Junior and Senior class on the calendar next season. Although it will not crown a British champion, the racing will be points scoring to qualify for the X30 World Finals. It will take place over four Super One rounds with Hoyle confirming that he is proposing a further round at the early season O Plate meeting at Rowrah on April 18/19.

“The X30 Tour looks like it has taken off this season and it was impressive,” Hoyle said. “We tested the water with a guest race at the final round of the MSA season at PFi and received good, positive feedback from that weekend and have already received enquiries for 2015.”

X30 Tour chief Mike Mills said: “John [Hoyle] doesn’t want to miss the boat and has seen just how the X30 has taken off. I just hope that having both the X30 Tour and the Super One classes doesn’t dilute grid numbers. There were 48 X30 drivers at last weekend’s final round of the Trent Valley Kart Club championship. And there are Cadet drivers queuing to move up when permitted in January.”

Cadet Prize For FKS Competition Winner

Formula Kart Stars will award a funded drive in next season’s Cadet class worth £25,000 to the winner of a competition which will be staged at January’s Autosport International Show.

Boys and girls aged eight by April 3, 2015 and ten years old on January 1, 2015, can enter by enter a 200-word story about their desire to be an F1 star. The letters will be reviewed by the Motor Sports Association with 20 finalists invited to test a Cadet machine in a timed session at the ASI karting circuit on Saturday January 10. Five drivers will then be shortlisted and interviewed by a panel including ex-F1 racer Mark Blundell, McLaren test driver Gary Paffett, world champion Terry Fullerton, Anthony Hamilton and reigning MSA British Cadet champion Teddy Wilson. The winner will receive ownership of the kart, tyres and fuel, series entry and the appropriate racing licence.

Formula Kart Stars chairman Carolynn Hoy said: “The new format Formula Kart Stars has already attracted a considerable number of entries, and we are hoping that by partnering with Autosport International to provide this unique prize we will be able to help a competitor that may not otherwise have been able to take that next step in motorsport. I look forward to meeting the finalists at the Autosport Show.”

Visit formulakartstars.com for more information.



Super One MSA/TKM – Round 6

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Round 6 of 6 – PF International, 13-14 September 2014

The final round of the Super One MSA/TKM season was another thriller with three of the four titles still to be decided including the inaugural IAME Cadet crown

MSA British IAME Cadet

An important milestone was Teddy Wilson’s appeal against a one lap penalty from the previous round. The appeal was heard on the Saturday at PF International and upheld by the new Stewards putting him back in the points lead. Zak Robertson, Jonny Edgar and Tom Wood had the best timed qualifying speed with the other main protagonist Kiern Jewiss in sixth and Wilson eighth .It would be Robertson and Wood who took the heat wins whilst Wilson and Jewiss shared the second row for the first final. From the standing start Wood, Jewiss and Lewis Thompson broke away with Robertson about to leapfrog Alex McDade and tow him up to the lead trio. Wilson dropped to tenth, from where he would start a superb fight back. Robertson leapfrogged Jewiss then relieved Wood of the lead, but only briefly as Jewiss jumped to the front, Robertson having a quick spin on the grass. Wilson had now joined the tail of the six-kart train contesting the lead, and Jewiss was next to visit the grass, elbowed out coming off the bridge. Jewiss barrelled into Wilson, sending Wilson into a half spin and himself off the track..McDade won over Edgar, Wood and Wilson strung out behind. Jewiss was initially given a five-second penalty for ‘gaining an unfair advantage’ but won his appeal to finish tenth, but with a greater points deficit. For the second final McDade, Edgar and Robertson broke clear whilst Wilson had another horrible fi rst lap. Wood found the pace to break clear of Dexter Patterson and Jewiss but couldn’t close to the lead trio. At the front, a frantic trading of the podium positions was in train, Robertson in the lead for a few corners before McDade got it back and eased clear. Robertson slipstreamed past Edgar at Turn One on the last lap but Edgar had held his third place in the series, Wood was a lonely fourth and Wilson took rival Jewiss on the last lap too. “Kiern wasn’t defending and I was faster,” he explained, adding: “It’s been a good year, now the appeal is over.”

ABkC Junior TKM National Championship

Arran Mills and Ma. hew Round-Garrido were the initial pace setters, with Shea Pearce and Ma. hew Graham lining up on the second row of the first final grid. But the other main contender of the several who could take the title was Alex Forward who would only make the sixth row. From the lead, Round-Garrido ran wide off the bridge, losing the lead to Pearce and Mills and although he fought back to the front he was elbowed onto the grass out of the first hairpin…That le. Mills in the lead, and as those behind squabbled he stretched a one-second lead. Kyle Hornby had joined this group, in which Graham vaulted into second. Forward had also closed on them but he was helped off the track by Pearce for which the la. er took an exclusion, ruining his chance of glory and possibly Forward’s as well. That left Hornby in a comfortable third well ahead of a recovering Round-Garrido._Mills had a great start in the second final but Round-Garrido was storming into second, deposing Hornby who lost three places._Forward was frantically trying to push through the pack, but if Mills won he would take the title. Round-Garrido put that win in doubt with a move at the second hairpin but next time round Mills returned the favour at the same place and as Graham challenged for second, Mills could ease clear._Round-Garrido wrestled the position back, but by less than a tenth on the line and they were well clear of James Clarke. Forward was just in front of Hornby in sixth, the la er excluded for driving standards.

ABkC TKM Extreme National Championship

John Hogan won both heats to put him on pole alongside James Ogden with main rival Joe Forsdyke and Ma hew Allnu behind them. Hogan held the lead through to the last lap whilst behind Ogden traded second with Forsdyke then fell behind Porter. A very unhappy Ogden was tipped into a half spin at the second hairpin and was hit by Stronach, breaking the chain and putting him out although Stronach continued. Kyle Sproat sliced into second at the first hairpin and everyone went into a defensive mode, Hogan had lost his big lead and endured a grassy trip out of the second hairpin, falling to fourth with Sproat winning over Forsdyke, England and Hogan. In the second final, Sproat was quickly demoted from the lead to fifth as Porter went ahead albeit with Forsdyke fast approaching. The title fight was on a knife edge when Forsdyke took the lead at the fi rst hairpin, he and Ogden now tied on points. Ogden was making good progress from the back, but in a big reshuffle over the bridge Forsdyke emerged first with a big cushion. England broke clear to close on Forsdyke over the finish line, Stronach passed Ogden for third. With a tie on points, Forsdyke had the higher score on his dropped round, so took the title.

Formula KGP

With two immediate retirements, a mere six karts raced in the first final, with Mark Litchfield soon leapfrogging Ma Davies to win comfortably despite being late to the start, Davies falling back to second last. Bobby Game seemed to struggle, a late push taking him to third behind Jamie Flynn. The second final was more exciting as Game dived in on Litchfield’s lead at the first hairpin, and led a lap until Litchfield re-took the place over the bridge. Game had no trouble staying second for the vice champion position once more, whilst Davies kept ahead of Flynn and New at the flag.


SSM Super One results – Round 5

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Super One returned to the classic Cotswold venue of Little Rissington for the first time since 2003 and enjoyed a superb weekend of racing at the flat but beautiful airbase that was once the home of the world famous Red Arrows display team.

MSA Cadet British Championship

The results of the second final will remain provisional until the start of the final round at PF International following the conclusion of Teddy Wilson’s appeal against his exclusion to the Super One Stewards.

Wilson and Edgar broke away from the rest in Sunday’s first final with Edgar pushing his teammate all the way. Wood tried to break away from a furious multi kart scrap for third but couldn’t quite catch the leaders and as the race reached its conclusion Wilson was able to pull out a small gap on Edgar to take the victory. Wilson led away again in the second final as Robertson snatched second from Edgar. Finlay Bunce was one of the karts in a tangle at the start. As Edgar dropped back into the pack Robertson stormed up from seventh and he and Wilson powered away at the front. Wilson continued to lead until the start of the final lap when Robertson dived to the inside going into turn one. Wilson fought back at Top Bend but as the pair headed on to the back straight side by side there was contact. Robertson spun while Wilson sailed through the air but managed to stay pointing in the right direction to take the chequered flag but was given a one lap penalty. However he is appealing the decision. Should Wilson’s appeal be unsuccessful Wood will take the win from Alex McDade and Owen Byatt. Jewiss was out of the top ten in both finals with a score he will hope to drop for the final standings, falling from first to third in the provisional standings.

Junior TKM ABkC National Championship

There were major problems just behind Lee as Kyle Hornby, the driver in control of the championship standings was excluded from the entire meeting when it was discovered he had a modified piston after he finished a close second to Lee. Hornby’s disqualification handed Matthew Graham and Matthew Round-Garrido second and third with Ethan Pitt a strong fourth and Forward only sixth. Graham took the honours in a similarly close second heat with Round-Garrido and Forward both within half a second of the winner when the flag fell.

Sunday’s first final got better and better the longer the race went on as Graham and Round-Garrido traded the lead numerous times. This all let a number of other drivers closer and closer to the lead duo until, with a handful of laps remaining, nearly a dozen karts looked to be in contention. Graham eventually got muscled back into the thick of the pack as Round-Garrido held off a late challenge from Lee to take the win with Pitt, Forward and an inspired Susanne Gutzold rounding out the top five. Pitt pulled off one of the best passing moves of the entire season to take his first Super One victory in the second final, calmly sweeping around the outside of the last corner to beat the points leader to the line by 2/100ths of a second. Behind the overjoyed Pitt there were several issues in deciding the third place finisher. Lee initially took the spot but was excluded for overtaking under yellow flags which then promoted Round-Garrido. However Round-Garrido was also penalised five places which then elevated Joseph Reeves- Smith to a delighted third. This all means any one of five drivers could take the title at PF International on 13/14th September.

Formula KGP Super One Championship

Hodsgon had a new threat in Sunday’s first final : Matt Davies, who pushed Hodsgon every step of the way as Litchfield and Game scrapped over third. Sadly Davies failed the post race weight check and was excluded, handing second to Litchfield. Hodgson and Litchfield broke away from the rest in the second final but Litchfield couldn’t find a way past his teammate, who led every lap to complete the weekend double. More than five seconds behind the two leaders Davies staged a fantastic fight back from the back of the grid to pass Game for third.

MSA Cadet, final 1 (20 laps)

1 Teddy Wilson Synergy

2 Jonny Edgar Synergy

3 Tom Wood Zip

MSA Cadet, final 2 (20 laps)

1 Wood

2 McDade

3 Byatt

Junior TKM, final 1 (24 laps)

1 Matthew Round-Garrido Jade

2 Dino Lee Tonykart

3 Ethan Pitt Jade

Junior TKM, final 2 (22 laps)

1 Pitt

2 Forward

3 Joseph Reeves-Smith

Formula KGP, final 1 (24 laps)

1 Oliver HodgsonKosmic

2 Mark Litchfield Kosmic

3 Bobby Game Alonso