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TKM ‘O’ plates return to Kimbolton Festival

The ABkC O plates for the Formula TKM classes are returning to the Maxxis TKM Festival at Kimbolton in August heralding what is expected to be a surge in interest for the plates. “It’s a great move” says TKM boss Alan Turney. “The Festival is recognised as the top event in TKM karting and so having this plate for the ... Read More »

TKM Insight – 2015 TKM Regulations

2015 TKM Regulations have been largely set in stone. The good news is that the changes for 2015 are aimed at making life easier for everyone Whether driver, engine builder, or scrutineer the new rules should not cause concern for anyone. Arguably the most significant change centres on something that will affect many but hopefully in a positive way. It ... Read More »

Formula TKM News

Well it is that time of year again when those involved in the management, organisation and control of kart racing have to pore over the regs to finalise details for the coming season. Last year there were significant changes within the TKM 2-stroke classes to move away from TKM homologated karts to any kart meeting the required specification. There were ... Read More »

Formula TKM News

This month it is time to go back to some basics to clear up some ill-founded paddock gossip regarding carburettor settings for the TKM BT82 used in our 2-stroke classes. For the simple fact is that by not paying attention to the simple guidance Tal-Ko give on carb set up, quite a few drivers are losing out big time on ... Read More »

TKM Insight – Which drive-line?

So you’ve decided you want to make the move to TKM for next season. But then there’s the big question – what type of drive-line to choose, TAG, clutched or direct drive? So what are the differences? In general driving terms on the track there is little to tell because the clutch on the TAG & clutched models is always ... Read More »