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Mind & body ready to race

Over the last four years we have covered a great deal of varied information and subjects, so we thought it would be a good idea to do an “in a nutshell” article that summarizes everything on one page that has been put to you so far, along with a couple of other pointers before we expand on the subject of ... Read More »

Competition Mind: Fresh Start

For many of you, the new year will be a fresh start with a new team or new class, or even changing mechanics and the way you run. For some it will be all of the above, many will have changed at the end of this season and will be busy testing and preparing for the major championships ahead. From ... Read More »

Tips: Racing in the wet

UNLESS you’re on an indoor track with sprinklers, wet racing means venturing outdoors, and more often than not this could mean racing in the rain on slick tyres! Racing on wet tyres is not every driver’s idea of fun to start with, so to do so when on slicks is an art in itself. Unless as a driver you are ... Read More »

Extremely wet kart drifting!

There’s a wet race and then there’s this race. Possibly the worst conditions I’ve ever seen and to make matters worse (or better, if drifting is your thing), the kart is a fierce KZ2, ready to spin up with just a dab of throttle. In these conditions, not even wets really cut it. The driving is superb, a real masterclass ... Read More »

The TKM Column

By Sidney Sprocket It’s cold and wet outside – just the type of weather I used to love when I was pedalling a TKM kart. Why? Well it was not because I am a weather masochist, but because much though it was horrible to ensure such conditions, it was the time when I was most competitive. Being of a normal ... Read More »

Beautiful rain

By Jerry Thurston It’s a matter of record that the late, great Ayrton Senna lived near a kart track in his early days. If it was raining, rather than rolling over and going back to sleep he’d pack his kit and head off to the track to practice. That sort of attitude is one of the qualities that marked him ... Read More »