210 Challenge – Final round

Final round, Shenington, October 19th

It must have been the stress or the sheer excitement with the thought of points that were up for grabs, which would finish off a very competitive 2014 season that caused the lack of memory with some. Notably Miss Masson forgetting the milk so her Father had to endure black coffee all weekend, my lovely husband forgot to pack the tyres hence a slight detour on the way to the circuit. Paul Fowler forgot to do his G/box end plate up resulting in no gears. Dan Bury forgot to sign on! Matt Cardwell forgot to bolt his engine down!!! But the best by far must be Chris Callaghan who travelling in the family camper suddenly realised he’d left his licence at home, this resulted in a fairly large camper negotiating very narrow lanes to find a railway station so Chris could get a train home and then jump in his car and eventually head to the circuit. (whoops) Actually I shouldn’t gloat I forgot the Presentation Evening Tickets!!!

Heat l

It was Pratt who led the field from the grid until Whyte shot to the front (must have remembered to have his three shredded wheat?) Luke Plain took over at the sharp end on lap 3 harried all the way to the flag by Whyte, Cardwell, Callaghan, Lee Plain Bury and Payne with less than half a second between them. It sure was fast and furious.

Heat 2

Bury lead the field on the first lap only to be passed by Cardwell for the next 2 laps regaining the lead on lap 4 with the chasing Lee Plain, Payne, Callaghan, Whyte, Hancock all very close. Unfortunately Lee plain fell foul of the officials which left the finishing order as Bury, Payne Callaghan, Whyte, Hancock and Watkins

Heat 3

A fairly quiet race lead all the way by Luke plain followed by Whyte, Bury and Payne fighting for the podium places. Lee Plain & Cardwell were having a tussle of their own. Luke Plain took the flag with Bury 2nd, Whyte 3rd, Payne 4th, Lee Plain (not for points) 5th Cardwell 6th


The 2014 Challenge title by the time we got to the final was firmly fixed between Luke Plain and Dan Bury. Bury made the best start with fast charging drivers of Payne , Luke Plain , Whyte , Lee Plain, Cardwell. Lap 2 saw Bury lead from Luke Plain, Payne, Whyte, Cardwell and Lee Plain. Lap 3 saw Luke Plain lead from Bury, Whyte now 3rd, Payne 4th Cardwell 5th and Lee Plain 6th. Lap 4 saw Cardwell up to 2nd, Bury down to 4th.

A fantastic display of fast, safe and competitive racing, with the top runners continually swapping places every lap. As they rounded Wilkins on lap 5 Cardwell was leading now from Whyte, Luke Plain was in 3rd Lee Plain and then Bury, Callaghan who had kept a safe distance was now amongst the fray and had demoted Payne to 7th.

As the race progressed it seemed to settle down at the front, Callaghan passed Bury for 5th on lap 7 to which Bury quickly snatched it back, unfortunately in Callaghan’s second attempt he put himself out of contention at the Bruno chicane, ending up in the kitty litter, however he did manage to push start it to eventually finish in 10th spot.

As the flag fell for the final race of the season Cardwell was victorious with his first final win, Whyte 2nd, Luke Plain 3rd, Lee Plain 4th, Bury 5th, Payne 6th, Masson 7th, Hocking 8th, Henry 9th and Callaghan completing the top ten.

Congratulations to the following 2014 seeded drivers: Luke Plain, Dan Bury Graham Payne, Tom Whyte, Chris Callaghan, Peter Masson, Matt Cardwell, Paul Fowler, Neil Hancock and David Pratt.


210 Challenge final championship points

Luke Plain 738

Dan Bury 737

Graham Payne 720