Buckmore ‘o’ Plate

19th October, Buckmore Park

With over 50 drivers competing for the Super One place, the Historic Kart Club also came down today to show off karts from the past in 5 laps.

The first final of the day was the Junior Max, which was led from start to finish by Jonathan Wilkes (55), increasing his lead with every lap. Wilkes dominated the race, taking the fastest lap as well. Lucy Fulton (54) and Luke Ide (99) battled for second place throughout the race, but Ide took the position on lap eleven and held it for the remaining lap to secure second. Fulton had to settle for third.

The Rotax class final was won by the pole sitter. Tom Prior (71) On the fourth lap, Elliot Rice (74) came through the field from third to take top spot, pushing Prior back further. The next lap however, Reade slipped fifth, allowing Prior back to one away. He managed to regain his grid position on the ninth lap and go on to win the race. Lewis Brown (35) finished in second with a great drive after qualifying sixth, overtaking Rice on lap 10, who closed off the podium.

Rory Hudson (11) won his Mini Max final with an excellent drive from fourth after qualifying. Jamie Rodgers (59) started on pole, but was quickly overtaken on the next lap by Charlie Bennett (42). Bennett held first until lap 7 where he was passed by both Hudson and Rodgers around the second hairpin. Hudson built a lead and could not be caught by lap 10, but Bennett and Rodgers were neck and neck for the rest of the race, with Rodgers just about taking second, followed by Bennett.

Qualifiers from the Repecharge for the ‘0’ Plate were Alex Eades (28), Kieron Jermey (11), Axel LaFlamme (59), Josh King (89) and Louie Short (30). All of the top 4 drivers kept their positions at the start of the Honda Cadet ‘0’ Plate final. The 15 lap race was being contested by 30 drivers, with Zak Rodgers (10) starting on pole and Kiern Jewiss (2) on the front row with him; behind them was Alex Lloyd (9) and Thomas Pegram (7) in third and fourth respectively.

On lap 4, Rodgers was forced to give up his lead as he slipped to third around the second hairpin; a corner which saw a lot of overtakes over the course of the day. Pegram was now in top spot, followed by Jewiss. Rodgers didn’t give up however, halving the position he lost earlier in the lap by grabbing second off of Jewiss towards the back end of the circuit.

Pegram had a small standing at the front of the pack on lap 7, but could only hold it for a lap; Jewiss taking back first on lap 8. Pegram slipped back to third on that lap, allowing Apps to climb even closer to first place. First through to seventh were all in one big group. If it were Formula One, seventh would be able to use his DRS on first, that is how close they were; they weren’t even in a line! Some parts of the group were three karts abreast!

At Damon Hill on lap 9, Apps finally managed to climb to first, pushing Jewiss to second and newcomer to the front of the pack, Harry Thompson (5), was in third. Unfortunately for Apps, he slipped to fourth around the hairpins on the next lap; letting Jewiss back to the top and Pegram into second. The eventful hairpins threw up yet another incident in which two karts mounted each other; Lloyd, who was climbing back up the field, spun and fell to last; and Jewiss ran wide, slipping to fourth.

The top three going into the last couple of laps were Pegram, Thompson and Apps. The rest of the drivers were too far to contend for the win now; one of these three would win the ‘0’ Plate. On lap 13 Pegram and Thompson built a slight gap over Apps, but the two drivers lost time around Garda corner when Thompson made a successful move on Pegram to take first position. Into the last lap, Thompson was first, Pegram second and Apps third. Thompson defended brilliantly in the hairpins, a spot where overtakes had continually occurred over the course of the day.

As the three drove towards Garda and the Senna Chicane, Apps made a last ditch move round the outside, catching his fellow drivers out. Pegram went wide and lost three places. Thompson made a lunge for the line, but to no use. Myles Apps won a consecutive Honda Cadet ‘0’ Plate. Harry Thompson finished second and Kiern Jewiss third.