Edgar Makes Successful Injury Return

Leading Cadet racer Jonny Edgar made a successful return to racing at the IAME Cadet O Plate at Larkhall, three weeks after being forced on to the sidelines with a broken wrist.

Starting ninth on the grid, Edgar reached as far as sixth until six laps from the flag when he began to move up the order. He surged from fourth to take the lead out of the last corner, benefitting after pole sitter Tom Wood, who had led the race from the start, tussled for the win with Kiern Jewiss and Alex McDade.

“The result proves that Jonny is fully back to fitness and was important to give him any boost in confidence he needed,” Fusion boss Dan Hazlewood said. “After two weekends away from racing it was good for him to be back at the front, albeit slightly fortunately, but he was there in the right place at the right time.”

Hazlewood said a complaint about whether Edgar was fit enough to race was made to the Motor Sports Association only two days before the event.

“The MSA was going to suspend his licence if he couldn’t prove his fitness,” Hazlewood added. “There was no problem the previous weekend when he couldn’t race in Little Green Man. We heard nothing from the MSA until everyone had made the trip to Scotland. It was a shame that situation came about but the MSA received a doctor’s confirmation letter. Jonny quietened any doubters.”