We check out Daytona’s new Tamworth circuit

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We were invited to a sneak preview of Daytona’s new circuit in Tamworth.

With the Tarmac so fresh you could almost see the steam rising from it, we headed out for 20 laps with racers Sam Brabham and Jack Clarke in Daytona’s pristine new Sodi karts.

The circuit has been over 15 months in the making and the new owners have extended it from around 450 metres to 950 metres. The course has every type of corner and some of the hardest corners I’ve experienced in a kart – and this was in the Sodi which was plenty fast enough – just imagine what it would be like in the new DMAX Rotax EVO engined karts.

It’s a technical track, with some really ballsy corners and others that will punish the lead-footed among us.

If you race in the DMAX series, then you’re in for a treat – the new circuit will host the second-to-last round in October.

The circuit is just going through some final touches but will be open very soon. Grab your mates and get booked in!