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RHPK Round 1 2017

The Rye House Pro Kart (RHPK) Championship announced that it would be serialised this year with three rounds being filmed for Motorsport TV. The opening round, which took place in March, was first televised on the channel two days ago and has since seen the championship receive even more interest.

The championship features our very own Karting magazine Team and has seen all three rounds sold out so far. Round three sold out all 36 spaces yesterday in under five hours with the demand reaching an all time high.

It’s the championships competitive racing, friendly atmosphere and added extra’s which has attracted teams from all around Europe with the championship organising a BBQ at each round, Demo from different cars which in the programme featured Ben Green in his Ginetta Supercup car. It of course also features the Karting magazine grid walk before each race.

Get a taste of the flavour on #kartingmag here as seen on Motorsport TV

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